• Finding Your Tribe

    22 Feb 2023
    Finding Your Tribe

    Picking your wedding party isn't as easy as it sounds. There is a lot more behind being a bridesmaid than just standing next to the bride at the alter on her wedding day. Need some advice? "Kameko Coleman" has gathered top tips and discusses them in detail below. Check it out! The wedding of [...]

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    Checklists!  Use them, they ROCK!!!

    In a world full of about a million ways to take notes, there are more ways than ever to make sure you stay up to date on planning your big day. One of the many choices you have is a simple to-do checklist that covers pertinent objectives to help save some brain cells and not drive yourself crazy![...]

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    Magazine Dreams!! Let's get you PUBLISHED!!

    Do you dream of seeing your beautiful wedding images in a magazine or on a well-known website? Well we can absolutely help you with that. The Renaissance is NO stranger to helping our clients get published. There is no larger honor then to see our clients excitement upon hearing that their "real [...]

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    Wedding Bells and Babies?

    We will always remember hosting John and Emily Tillery’s incredible wedding day here at The Renaissance. One thing that’s important to us is maintaining relationships with couples whom we’ve been lucky enough to have spend their special day with us. With that being said, when we found out the [...]

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    Let Your Theme Be Your Dream!

    Today, we’re taking a look at one of the fast-growing trends within the wedding industry: Themed Weddings! Here are just a couple of the most popular themes that are becoming favorites among the wedding world.     Masquerade The biggest draw in Masquerade is that most of [...]

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    Taysaha and Fred's Wedding

    Today we are taking a look at Taysha and Fred's big day! This couple donned the ballroom with Pantone's color of the year ultra-violet purple and silver hues for a glamorous feel. These two even braved a kiss and d dip in the middle of Broad Street for a stunning photo! Thank you so much you two for[...]

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    Bri and Dwight's Wedding

    We are sharing another one of our recent weddings here at The Renaissance. Bri and Dwight had their purple hued ceremony and reception with us. This two make such a cute couple and we loved working with them through the planning process. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your big [...]

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    Mary and Ryan's Wedding

    Mary and Ryan's sweet wedding with navy and pink details was just so amazing to be a part of. This couple's wedding party is giving serious goals for all wedding parties of the future! And the vintage car getaway was the icing on top of the Mickey and Minnie mouse cake! See all of the lovely [...]

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    In the Press: The Big Fat Indian Wedding, SHEfinds, and AllSeated

    These past few months we have been busy with press features and we are so thrilled to be featured on The Big Fat Indian Wedding, SHEfinds, and AllSeated. We love sharing our expertise and insight see what we had to say below. Over on The Big Fat Indian Wedding we chimed in on some of the [...]

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    Vote for Us! - Richmond Bride's A-List Awards

    It is that time of year again, time to nominate your favorite Richmond wedding vendors for Richmond Bride's A-List Awards! We just wanted to ask for a little favor... we would really appreciate it if you shared your enthusiasm and love for The Renaissance in a few of the categories. All you have[...]

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