• In the Press: The Big Fat Indian Wedding, SHEfinds, and AllSeated

    August 6, 2018 | Weddings | Tommy Waters
  • These past few months we have been busy with press features and we are so thrilled to be featured on The Big Fat Indian Wedding, SHEfinds, and AllSeated. We love sharing our expertise and insight see what we had to say below.

    Over on The Big Fat Indian Wedding we chimed in on some of the conversations that we will be having in the industry because of the royal wedding. Tommy talked about how the guest list was much smaller for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry versus Prince William and Duchesses Kate and how this will potentially shift into regular weddings as well. See the full article here.


    Over on SHEfinds, we spoke about a few things that parents shouldn’t do at a couple’s wedding. We particular dislike when parents bring up money at the actual wedding it is best to setup meetings leading up to the wedding to discuss budget but on the day of no money should be discussed. See the full article here.

    With the many years helping couples plan their big day we have seen a few mistakes that are made on the actual wedding day. We spoke with SHEfinds about one of our biggest pet peeves which is when a couple chooses the wrong music. Be sure to know your audience and keep it appropriate. To see the other 8 mistakes see the full article here.

    After a couple has booked The Renaissance as their venue there are a few things that need to be taken care of as soon as possible and one of them is finding an officiant. That way you can snag the officiant you have your heart set on and you won’t run into not being able to find one. You can read the rest of the items over on SHEfinds here.

    Rounding out our press Tommy share what he learned when working his very first event over on AllSeated! He learned the importance of having a sound contract that includes all the details. See what the other pros learned by reading the full article here.


    Tommy and Jon, owners of The Renaissance and the rest of their amazing team, love sharing a piece of Richmond history with guests and couples alike. With a collective 25 years in the hospitality industry, it is truly their passion that can be seen in every event that takes place in Richmond’s largest Victorian ballroom.