• We will always remember hosting John and Emily Tillery’s incredible wedding day here at The Renaissance. One thing that’s important to us is maintaining relationships with couples whom we’ve been lucky enough to have spend their special day with us. With that being said, when we found out the news about the Tillary’s new addition to the family, aside from their precious fur baby, Duke, we HAD to get more information and shine the spotlight on them. We went ahead and asked them some questions and they responded with some pretty amazing answers as well as provided plenty of adorable pictures too!

    Before we jump into meeting their new bundle of joy, let’s take a second to admire how beautiful their engagement photos are, including the actual moment when John popped the question to Emily in Washington D.C.!

    Take a look at these amazing pictures from their wedding here at The Renaissance, we can’t get over them!

    When asked what one of the happiest moments they could remember from their time at the Renaissance on their big day, Emily answered, “If we had to pick, it would be when our names were announced and we had our first dance. We had worked so hard on this moment that no one knew about it, and now, here we were, dancing as Husband and Wife to our song “One and Only.”  It was so magical and surreal.”

    She also included a little bit of information about some of her favorite pictures from her wedding day. “There are so many, but I would say the one of us dancing, or the one of us lounging in the private room. I did not include the original of that, but did include the photo hanging in our house.”

    Getting married is one of the most memorable days in an individuals life that will never be forgotten. But so is starting a family. We asked the Tillery’s how their life has changed from getting married to raising a family, in which Emily answered saying, “When it came to marriage, not much changed from our pre-marriage days, except there was a sense of commitment. You realize you can’t just “walk out the door.” Our team was solidified and it felt rewarding to know that after a long road, (we were both 36 when we got married) that we finally found that person that enhanced us and didn’t try to complete one another. Having a child changes you instantly. It is hard to explain from going to only have two adults and a dog to look after to having a little human, but what I can say is our days our no longer taken for granted and our smiles are bigger.”

    Duke was such a cute addition, and a huge hit on their wedding day. Because he was their first “baby”, we were curious as to how he felt about having new baby boy, Daxton, joining the family. “There were few things in pregnancy that got me as emotional than thinking about how Duke would respond to the baby and how his life would change.  Even in the hospital, besides the baby I was about to have, I got emotional about how when we went home, Duke wouldn’t really comprehend why there was a new person and how our family of 3 was now 4.  When we came home, Duke was unsure and remains a bit unsure. But every morning he checks Daxton’s bassinet to make sure he is there, he licks his face daily and is on his way to becoming Daxton’s bestie,” Emily said. 

    Lastly, we asked the Tillery’s what is one thing they are most excited about or looking forward to with having a baby, and their answer is everything. “There are so many things we are looking forward to that it is hard to pick just one. But besides watching him grow to see who he becomes, it’s seeing the world through a child’s eyes,” Emily answered. 

    Congrats to Emily and John on their adorable new addition to their beautiful family, we’re so happy for you!


    Emily Loxtercamp is a junior at VCU majoring in Public Relations, she is currently working at The Renaissance as an Intern specializing in Marketing/Events. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive weddings, event, and banquet venue.


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