• Do you dream of seeing your beautiful wedding images in a magazine or on a well-known website? Well we can absolutely help you with that. The Renaissance is NO stranger to helping our clients get published. There is no larger honor then to see our clients excitement upon hearing that their “real wedding submission” was accepted.

    We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Meghan Ely, owner OFD Consultants, to chat with her about what it takes to get your big day published! Meghan, on top of being a fountain of energy, is incredibly knowledgeable on what it takes to not only get in front of the right people but also getting it to the right people at the right time to make it happen! We are so excited to share this with all of our readers, friends, clients, and subscribers.

    So, what is a real wedding submission?
    Once your wedding is completed and you are totally invested in your “new normal” we will submit your wedding to Meghan for consideration. She and her incredible team will put together your real wedding submission which is a package that includes loads of your beautiful pictures, your list of talented vendors, and your back story that will interest any number of publications, website, magazines, and blogs in the hopes of getting your event published.

    What are the editors looking for?
    In a word, DETAILS! Meghan is a firm believer in the fact that the details will make it happen. They are also looking for interesting stories. How did you meet? Where did your engagement happen? Did you get it on film? Did you cry? (Well, we all know the answer to that!)
    A quick bullet list of things that will get the editor’s eye:

    • DETAILS (I know, we’ve already said this, but it’s important!)
    • Atmosphere
    • Inspiring stories
    • High quality images from your professional photographer
      We have so much to share on this topic and it can get pretty detailed. Jump over to our YouTube channel and look at our “sit-down” with Meghan and listen to all the fun details.

    How does your choice of photographer impact your chances of getting published?
    Well, it has a huge impact! A well-seasoned photographer will not only know what to capture on film they will make sure you are prepared to provide everything the need. When we say details we are talking about more than pictures of your family dancing or of your amazing cake. Yes, those are important images to capture but we are talking about details going back as far as your Save-The-Dates! Your invitations! Your Menu Cards! The swatch you carried around with you EVERYWHERE! Getting these things into an image can not only be beautiful it sets the stage with color, feelings, emotions, and memories.
    Your photographer can also make sure you have the right sizes in regards to what needs to be submitted. They will have to be of a high quality, a certain size, certain pixel strength, etc. They will also make sure you have the right exposures, lighting, and angles. If you hire a friend, or inexperienced photographer to save some money, you run the risk of missing some of these items that are so important if you want to get published.

    Don’t be afraid to “sit” on your wedding!
    If you have a Christmas wedding, or a fall wedding, or any wedding that is highly influenced by a certain season or holiday you may just want to wait to send out real wedding submissions to increase your chances on getting your event picked up. A wedding that has a lot of images of fall colors and you and your wedding party throwing leaves at each other may not be what publishers and editors are looking for their summer editions. You may have to wait a full year but sometimes that waiting will pay off if you have a professional like Meghan to make sure your wedding is dropped at the perfect moment!

    Do all weddings that are submitted get published?
    Unfortunately, no. Your wedding could be perfect in EVERY way but the outlet you submitted to may already have one ready to go with a similar color palette or your wedding is at the same place or has the same theme as something else already lined up for the upcoming issue or blog. The talented team at OFD Consulting will try one at a time until they exhaust the opportunities OR until it’s picked up. Having a talented team like Meghan’s really does increase the experience not only for our Renaissance Team but for the couples too!

    All of the Renaissance’s clients, if they are interested, will have the chance to work with us, Meghan, and our respective teams to make their “publishing” dream happen! For more information on how to get started with planning your perfect day just click the CONTACT US link at the on this page.

    Again, we had SO much fun sitting down with Meghan. Please don’t wait to click over to our YouTube Station to see both parts of our interview with Meghan. There is a lot of knowledge, fun stories, and lots of laughs. You won’t be sorry!

    Tommy and Jon, owners of The Renaissance and the rest of their amazing team, love sharing a piece of Richmond history with guests and couples alike. With a collective 25 years in the hospitality industry, it is truly their passion that can be seen in every event that takes place in Richmond’s largest Victorian ballroom.