• Today, we’re taking a look at one of the fast-growing trends within the wedding industry: Themed Weddings! Here are just a couple of the most popular themes that are becoming favorites among the wedding world.



    The biggest draw in Masquerade is that most of the décor, activities, and tangible applications of the theme work best when carried out during the reception. You can maintain a traditional ceremony with hints of the main theme and then really drive it home at the reception. A real crowd pleaser!

    A major plus for this theme is that it may be one of the most versatile theme wedding trends, as it has many variations. Fall wedding? Focus on a haunted masquerade! Spring wedding? Mardi Gras masquerade is perfect! Feeling more traditional? Focus your theme in blacks and golds for a midnight masquerade! This theme gives you the opportunity to get creative, so take advantage of it!

    As mentioned earlier, “Masquerade” is the perfect theme for receptions which means don’t be afraid to really go for it with the décor! Flower arrangements at the center of the tables are a perfect opportunity to express your theme’s color scheme. As well as, providing masks at the tables for your guests to wear during the reception!

    A lovely couple carried out their Masquerade dreams here at The Renaissance. Take a look at some of the photos from their big day for some inspiration!



    Winter Wonderland
    A theme perfect for people who live in colder climates or just love the holiday season, a Winter Wonderland can create a magical experience for you and your guests. From invitations to hot-chocolate bars at the reception, it’s a theme that can be displayed throughout almost every aspect of your wedding!

    One of the most fun aspects of this theme is having the opportunity of incorporating beautiful decorations from the floor to the ceiling! Take a look at some of these beautiful photos from a winter themed wedding here, at The Renaissance, to get you excited about this theme!


    If you have any questions about how to get started planning your themed wedding, don’t hesitate to call Tommy at The Renaissance or click the “Contact Us” link on this page.



    Emily Hastings is a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations and is currently working at The Renaissance as a Marketing/Events Intern. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive weddings, event, and banquet venue.