• Cora and Nate's Wedding

    Nate completely surprised Cora with his proposal during a trip to Chicago to visit her brother. He popped the question during a day trip with Cora’s brother and mom to the aquarium. They were taking photos and Nate pulled Cora in close and said that she was better than any girl of his dreams and [...]

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    Key'Nita and Justin's Wedding

    We have Key'Nita and Justin's wedding for you today! Key'Nita and Justin met while attending James Madison University working on their undergraduate degrees. They went on one date in the fall of 2007 and decided to remain just friends, but in 2011 they crossed paths again when they both returned [...]

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    Shaun and Carmen's Wedding

    We had so much fun planning this wedding with Shaun, since Carmen was still living in Colorado at the time. In fact, we love having a groom that is active in the planning process! Carmen incorporated her Chinese ethnicity with a beautiful tea ceremony and gift boxes. We love customizing weddings [...]

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