• Happy Monday!! When we saw this video from Starring You Productions we could not wait to share it with you all. We might have shed a tear or two while watching it, so be prepared when you take a peek.

    Chris and Sarah met through the hospital they both worked at and would occasionally chat about sports. Chris would invite Sarah to play dodgeball and softball, but unfortunately the timing never worked out for the two, because Sarah would always have prior plans. But Sarah knew from those few conversations that Chris was someone she wanted to get to know. In 2015 Sarah sent a quick Snapchat wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Chris replied and the two started to text back and forth realizing they had so much in common. They made plans to go to a New Year’s Eve celebration with friends at Brown’s Island. As midnight was approaching they both felt like they had been together for years, so when the clock struck midnight they had their first kiss and the rest is history!!

    Chris and Sarah were the sweetest couple to work with. We wish them many, many years of happiness. And a big thank you to Starring You Productions for sharing this with us.

    Chris and Sara’s Wedding Highlight At The Renaissance In Richmond Virginia from Starring You Productions on Vimeo.

    Tommy and Jon, owners of The Renaissance and the rest of their amazing team, love sharing a piece of Richmond history with guests and couples alike. With a collective 25 years in the hospitality industry, it is truly their passion that can be seen in every event that takes place in Richmond’s largest Victorian ballroom.