• Happy Holidays!

    20 Dec 2017
    Happy Holidays!

    We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! We just love this time of year, and have been busy with winter weddings and holiday parties. It has been hustling and bustling over here at The Renaissance! Tommy and Jon, owners of The Renaissance and the rest of their amazing team, love [...]

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    Chris and Sarah's Wedding

    Happy Monday!! When we saw this video from Starring You Productions we could not wait to share it with you all. We might have shed a tear or two while watching it, so be prepared when you take a peek. Chris and Sarah met through the hospital they both worked at and would occasionally chat about [...]

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    Winter Wedding Trends

    We can not believe it is already November! We love having winter weddings here in our ballroom so we wanted to share a few winter wedding trends that are must if you are saying 'I Do' in December, January and February. Greenery  With the Pantone Color of the year for 2017 being greenery, [...]

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    John and Emily's Wedding

    We loved being a part of John and Emily's wedding. These two were the sweetest and we loved how much fun they had on the dance floor! John had a few hurdles to jump through when planning to propose to Emily. He first had to ask her father for her hand in marriage, and after that was over with he [...]

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