• Whether you choose to do florals, candles, something DIY, or a combination… the sky is the limit in regard to what goes in the middle of your guest tables.


    Real flowers are never NOT going to be an option for your wedding day.   There is just something about the smell and look of fresh floral displays at your wedding that take it to a whole other level.  At the Renaissance, we see almost all of our couples using fresh flowers, to some extent, on their guest tables.  They can be tall lavish displays or just a perfect bloom floating in water in a vase. 

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    Photographed By: Orrie Gaines


    While we don’t see a lot of silk florals being used to create centerpieces at The Renaissance, they are still an option.  One misconception is that they cost less, which most of the time is not the case, so be careful to not break the budget if you choose this route in hopes of saving money.  The best thing about silk florals is that they are VERY close to real flowers in regard to how they look.  It’s also the best option if you are in a situation of wanting florals but the setting is not ideal for live florals (i.e. hot weather, cold weather, outside, indoors, etc.).

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    Photographed By: Royal Digital Company


    We are seeing more and more candles these days.  They are easy, beautiful, and can keep the cost down.  One thing to keep in mind before buying or ordering hundreds of candles, is to always double check with your venue to see if they allow candles; some don’t.  Here at The Renaissance, we welcome candles as long as we can make sure they don’t drip or spill wherever we are putting them.  Tapers can sometimes be problematic as they are prone to “tip” or melt down super-fast and waste onto tablecloths making them unusable.  But with that being said, tapers can be used as long as some thought goes into how they are set up and displayed.

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    Photographed By: Orrie Gaines Photography
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    Photographed By: IYQ Photography


    This can be tricky but SUPER fun if you put some though and time into what you want to do.  The one thing you don’t want is for guests to notice your centerpiece and think anything other than “WOW”…in a good way.  It’s always a good idea to research some ideas to see if you can get some inspiration on what it is you are looking to do.  Nine times out of ten, if you are thinking of doing something unique, then there is a good chance that someone has either done it or done something close to it.  

    The above four options can also be used together.  You can mix and match to your hearts content.  If you want florals, but don’t have the budget for 20 huge displays for your 20 guest tables, then just do a few and mix in more candles.  As you can see from our previous couples’ events, it can be AMAZING!!!

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    Photographed By: Stephanie Messick Photography