• Just want to let you know that the Marshall/Secor wedding was fantastic!! We all had a blast and our guests just raved about the food and the facility. Your staff went over & above to do everything that we asked of them. We didn’t even need to ask – they anticipated our needs.

    Somehow one of our table signs got lost & we took a picture from the ones we were displaying and Emmett (or someone wonderful) took it and fixed it for a table picture for us. So great!

    I don’t know if any of the staff told you about Kristen & Craig’s dance but Jon video’d it and put it on You Tube and everyone loves it!


    Kristen & Craig had so much fun – they loved the food, danced until we actually pushed them out the door! Craig had to tell his guests to go outside so they could leave. So much fun!

    Remember the photo booth? Here’s a sample of what the photographer does.


    We had such a wonderful experience – THANK YOU, JON, PAT, DEBRA, AND ALL YOUR WONDERFUL STAFF!

    Debbie Marshall