• Let’s talk receptions! Deciding on whether you want a sweetheart table, head table, kings table or captain table is one thing, and deciding on how many guests you want at each table is another. But, how about deciding on how you’ll be seating your guests at your reception?

    There are several approaches to doing this: open seating, assigned seating, escort cards or a seating chart. Let’s start off with the most popular option!

    Seating Chart

    Seating charts are an extremely common option that couples use when seating their guests at their reception. These are usually displayed alphabetically by last name or by table number. One really fun thing about seating charts is that they are super customizable. So don’t hold back when it comes to creating yours whether you DIY it or find something online!

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    Escort Cards

    Escort cards pretty much fall hand in hand with seating charts. The two work very well together, however you can most definitely do one without the other. Escort cards simply display a guests name that directs them to a table, or if the couple is using assigned seating, it’s called a place card and can direct them to specific seat. These will typically be displayed in an area guests will pass or be near before they are seated for the reception. The cards will be set up alphabetically by last name, allowing guests to easily find their name and either refer to the table number on the card itself, or a seating chart to find where they’ll be seated for the night.

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    Assigned Seating

    Assigned seating is exactly what it sounds like! Guests will pick up a place card as they would an escort card, but instead of it only displaying a name or a name and a table number, it’ll direct guests to what seat they are assigned to for the reception. If guests aren’t directed to pick up a card, the card will most likely already be on whatever table they’re assigned to, indicating what specific seat that guest is assigned to.

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    Open Seating

    Open seating is the absolute opposite of assigned seating. Where guests are seated is completely up to them, which definitely has its pros and cons! A pro is that it’s less work for the couple because they don’t have to make escort cards or a seating chart. A con is that it can be hectic if a table runs out of space or worst case scenario, Aunt Karen and Uncle Joe, who despise each other, are stuck at the same table!

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