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    When you think of the beginning of your wedding day, what comes to mind? Getting “beautified,” of course! Professional wedding hair and makeup has certainly grown over the last 30 years, but that is not solely due to its “beautifying” effect. Getting your hair and makeup done with your best friends and family is a great way to create everlasting memories, making that special day even more memorable.

    Having a professional artist come in to do your hair and makeup takes away all the stress and pressure of having to do it yourself. Instead, it allows your loved ones to come together, relax, share some laughs, and often gives you an excuse to pop that bottle of champagne before 9am!

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    By helping others figure out what hair and makeup style to choose, it produces a sense of vulnerability. Because someone’s hair and makeup is so intimate, figuring out what styles will best suit them so they look and feel their best takes a lot of trust from all parties involved, ultimately creating a bond made from that trust.

    Similarly, the morning of weddings are notoriously known for being stressful, so getting to relax with the people closest to you is a great way to reduce those pre-wedding jitters. Memories of the couple and their loved ones are shared, stories are often retold, and laughs are definitely to be had. But even more importantly, new memories are made and an even deeper bond is formed.

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    Wedding hair and makeup is so much more than just getting “beautified;” it’s about the experience shared between a bride and her loved ones. Without it, you may miss out on a once in a lifetime bonding experience. While it is fun to get your hair and makeup done, the meaning behind it goes much deeper than that. Don’t believe us? Ask a recent bride what she enjoyed most about the morning of her wedding! Happy bonding!