• Networking is such an important part of business no matter what industry you’re in. Creating, building and maintaining relationships with different companies, individuals and more can be beneficial and can help grow your brand. Being in the wedding industry, we’re super passionate about keeping strong bonds with vendors, publications and more. Speaking of publications, one publication that we love is Richmond Weddings.

    Richmond Weddings is one of our favorite publications ever. We’re lucky to work really close with them and in addition, there are so many opportunities to get published with them whether that be online or in their magazine.

    Richmond Weddings Magazine comes out twice a year! They feature a Summer/Fall edition and a Winter/Spring edition. One really cool thing about them is that they allow their vendors to submit articles that could potentially be published in their magazine- we’re proud to say that we’ve been featured in it quite a few times!

    In their Summer/Fall 2019 edition, Tommy and Emily were both published and in their Winter/Spring 2020 edition, Tommy, Emily and our most recent intern, Leila were published! If you check out the Winter/Spring 2020 magazine online or happen to have a copy of it already, make sure to visit page 56 to see Tommy’s article, page 132 to see Emily’s article and page 172 to see Leila’s article.

    Enough about us, let’s talk more about them! We’re lucky to have such a good relationship with the owners, Amy and Scott, and their Managing Editor, Marissa. 

    In addition to all of the amazing things they already do with their publication, they also host a Richmond Weddings show, which we love and are always proud to participate in. Not only does this show help us to grow closer to Amy, Scott and Marissa, it allows us to show our appreciation to them and we also get to meet so many new clients! If you haven’t had a chance to attend one of their shows before, you should definitely come to their upcoming show in March. And if you do choose to come, make sure to stop by our booth to say hello!

    As we mentioned earlier, we work really close with Richmond Weddings. We were so happy to host their 25 year anniversary party here at The Renaissance. It’s definitely an event we’ll never forget!

    Pictures by Hayes & Fisk

    Make sure to checkout their website and if you don’t already have a copy of their most recent magazine, stop by our office to get one!

    Emily Loxtercamp is a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations, she is currently working at The Renaissance and specializes in Social Media, Marketing and Events. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive weddings, event, and banquet venue.