• We love to plan weddings, but do you know what we love more?? Love! We swoon over each of your love stories, how you met, your first date, your proposals, and especially your wedding plans. Getting to know our couples and how their love evolved over the years, finally bringing them to us, is such a special experience for everyone here at The Renaissance. That’s why we were so excited to meet Lauren and Matt Joyce, and hear about their incredible journey together.

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    It is incredible to see couples walk through our doors, ready and excited to plan their big day with us. But there are lots of steps along the way that need to happen first, starting with the initial meeting of the two! We have heard of many different ways couples have met, but we especially adore Lauren and Matt’s because it was at a wedding! “Matt’s friend happened to be marrying my cousin. He saw me at the wedding and then later recognized me on a dating app (with a profile picture from that wedding).” How cool is that?? They started at a wedding, and ended up their own!

    Soon after becoming acquainted, usually comes the first date, with a whole lot of nerves, excitement and hopefulness. If all goes well, there will be a second, a third, and hopefully an infinite amount more! The Joyce’s first date was at The Mill on Macarthur, which is, “located in the neighborhood where we bought our first home and live now,” Lauren noted. We like to think that their most important date was with us, however, on June 19th of 2021 at The Renaissance! Lauren remembers walking into our ballroom for the first time and not being able to hide her excitement at how spectacular it was. We also took some time to reminisce on their favorite moment of the big day. The Joyce’s were overjoyed when the drapes were drawn back and they “finally got to see each other,” as she walked down the aisle. It was such a special moment for them, and are so glad they skipped the first look that many couples partake in.

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    Before you come see us, however, a big question must be answered first; “will you marry me?” There are so many beautiful ways to propose, and we have heard of some of the best. Depending on the couple, it may be an extravagant proposal, like cruising on a boat into the sunset, or possibly as casual as a conversation over some morning coffee. In the Joyce’s case, it was a “purrrrrfect” moment shared between the two and their cat Frank. Frank often wakes the couple up by jumping onto their bed, so when Matt asked Lauren to check his neck because he feared something “was wrong,” she was thrilled to find a ring attached to his collar! They sealed the deal with breakfast delivered from their favorite spot, Moore Street Cafe. It was only a few months later that the couple walked into our venue, ready to plan for their forever with us!

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    Before you know it, the big day arrives and it is time to take on forever with your best friend by your side. Saying “I do” and committing your love to them is such an extraordinary and intimate bonding moment, and we are blessed to see our couples take this step together at the Renaissance. We truly love being able to help our clients create their dream wedding they have always longed for, and getting to know about their journey that led them to us along the way. Lauren and Matt were such an amazing couple to hear from. Their biggest suggestion to newly engaged couples is to, “plan, plan, plan.” Lauren also added that “The Renaissance was really the perfect wedding venue for us in the end and we sing Tommy, Jon, and Precious’ praises to anyone who will listen.” We are so appreciative of the high praises, but we are more grateful for getting to be a small part of the Joyce’s journey together. Lauren and Matt, we wish you the very best on your future ahead. We love, love and are to happy for yours!

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    Photographed by Massei Photography