• Want an authentic Ballroom Experience? Stop right now and look at this!

    June 17, 2022 | Weddings | Tommy Waters
  • Since 1887, The Renaissance has stood in the heart of Richmond with its amazing ballroom,
    offering a unique setting to weddings and special events for over 130 years!

    ballroom history historic richmond wedding event reception space ballroom
    Photographed By: Orrie Gaines Photography
    reception set up flowers wedding event venue

    With our floor to ceiling palladium windows, beautiful and reflective hardwood floors, and
    three amazing crystal chandeliers, the Renaissance’s ballroom is the perfect place for your
    special event too!

    windows floor to wall wedding magical ballroom
    Photographed By: Xiaoqi Li Photography / Sean Dewitt Photography
    windows chandeliers beautiful reception wedding event special event

    If you’ve dreamed of a ballroom wedding or an amazing corporate event, birthday, or even a
    class reunion, just click on the “Contact” link on this page and fill in the blanks to get started on
    an amazing journey with The Renaissance and our team to help plan everything!

    Photographed By: Sean Dewitt Photography / Orrie Gaines Photography
    groomsmen party wedding ballroom event space event venue