• Oh, warmer days how we’ve missed you. But it’s finally here, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and most importantly, the couples are swooning! Summer weddings have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. There are more flower options available, longer days with better lighting for photography and videography, more options for fun food and drink items, and typically more commitment when it comes to your guest’s attendance. 

    Don’t get us wrong, we love those warm, deep colors coupled with greenery for our winter weddings, but there is something so romantic about the light and bright flower arrangements that summertime weddings bring. There are also many types of flowers that you won’t be able to get during wintertime, making them much more accessible and cost-friendly during the summer months.  

    flowers summer wedding bright color beautiful vendor summertime warmth sun
    Photographed By: Ginger Snap Photography and Xiaoqi Photography

    More importantly, the summer months bring warmer temperatures, more predictable weather, and longer days for better picture opportunities. Have you ever been to a wedding where you couldn’t enjoy yourself because all you could think about was how cold you were and how you wanted to sneak away to get somewhere warm? Summer weddings take that stress right off the table. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the entirety of your event without wasting a second thought about it. Summer days also tend to have less variance and unpredictability when it comes to precipitation. It may rain, but you can be more prepared for such forecasts, and it usually doesn’t last for long.  

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    Photographed By: Kait Winston

    Most couples would emphasize how important their photography or videography is on their big day. Summer weddings give you longer days with better lighting to make sure all those special moments are not only captured, but captured well. When it’s the middle of December and it gets pitch black at 5pm, it is incredibly difficult to get all of the desired moments photographed before the sun sets. There are some summer nights where the sun doesn’t set until after 8pm. That’s at least an extra three hours to get those photos taken.  

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    Photographed By: Kate Style Photo and The Inmans Photography

    With summer weddings, guests typically prefer lighter fare. Substantial meals can feel heavy in their stomach, and that fullness mixed with warm weather will leave you with some very lethargic guests. Smaller meals or snacks that incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables are much more attractive to guests during the warmer months when they are most in season. Similarly, you can offer an array of fun and festive cocktails or mocktails. It is much harder to get creative with drinks during the wintertime, whereas in summer, the options are endless. We have seen couples get very creative with their signature cocktails during summer months.  

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    Photographed By: Mike Topham

    Finally, guests are more likely to attend summer weddings when there are fewer conflicts with work or school schedules, for example. People are also more inclined to take time off during summer months when vacation is typically a higher priority than in other seasons. Weddings are a great idea at any time of year, but as we approach the warmer months, we can’t help but swoon over all the benefits a summer wedding has to offer.  

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    Photographed By: Mike Topham