• Six Things You Should Think About When Planning Your Wedding!!

    September 1, 2020 | Weddings | Tommy Waters
    1. Book Your Venue First

    One of the most important things you should do about 12-14 months out (if
    not earlier) is to start touring venues and make your decision sooner than
    later to make sure you get your favorite place! Your venue will be an
    important piece of your big day since it’s where you are spending your
    wedding day with your family and friends.

    2. Book Your Vendors

    Once your venue is booked you need to start thinking about searching for other vendors to help make your day amazing. There are a lot of vendors to consider, but some will book up much faster than others. The four biggies are Photographer, Florist, Cake/Baker, and DJ/Band. So booking early, again, ensures that you get your favorites.

    3. Create a Budget

    Now is the time to sit down with either your fiancé and/or your parents to start creating your budget. This is a part of the planning process that we see a lot of our clients stress about. A good way to get started is to just make a list of things you want and then investigating and calling places and businesses to apply a cost to what you want. Once you have a good starting point you can always trim back or add on until you have the perfect budget allowance and know what you are spending your money on.

    4. Fun Add-Ons

    If you are inspired by some things that go beyond your venue and vendors, then you may want to make a list and then see what you can make work into your budget. You can consider so many things, but we do see a lot of clients adding on fun lighting packages, rental specialty chairs, ice sculptures, and photo booths. And yes, you can also add on that Horse Drawn Carriage to take you away and really get some memorable pictures to remind you of your fun day forever.

    5. Invitations

    You can start making your guest list at any point in your planning process.  This is one of the items that you can start VERY early though, so never hesitate to sit down and start adding on friends and family.  Just putting your heads together and making a list to actually choose from can reduce the stress a little. Invitations are one of the items in this list that you can do all on your own. You can create and order invitations OR you can sit down with a wedding professional to do all the hard work for you. About 2-4 months before your big day, send out the invitations and watch as the RSVP’s start rolling in.

    6. Enjoy the Moment

    We are big believers in just taking a few moments every day to live in the “now” to enjoy the memories you are creating by planning your special day.  There are quite a few tasks and jobs that you will have to do to prepare for your wedding that will be emotional (like dress shopping) to super fun (like cake tastings). Never hesitate to take a few selfies or just share a secret smile with your fiancé to enjoy that special moment.