• We are going to start doing something a little fun and do some periodic updates of popular “wedding 101” information that every couple would like to know.  It will fun and informative and we hope you love it!

    Over the course of the years of us doing weddings here at the Renaissance we have been asked lots of questions.  You can only imagine.  If you are an engaged person reading this very blog you probably have questions for us right now!  It’s VERY normal!!   But sometimes, some questions are just too good not to share.  We love to help out where we can and some of the things we are going to share may not be the questions you will see in all the popular wedding magazines or websites.  

    Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash

    What kind of things are you talking about, you ask? Well, what happens when you want to book a facility and LOVE everything about it but the carpet is hideous?  We’ve got an answer for you.  What happens when you spill red wine on a rental tuxedo?  EASY!  What happens when you are actually walking down the aisle and your heel breaks?  Been there!  

    So stay tuned! We will post our fun wedding 101 questions and answers often and they will all be interesting, we promise!

    We would also love to hear  more fun things that may not be the popular questions that get asked by every engaged couple.  So if you have anything you might want to share with us or if you have a question answer that you want us to share with everyone that reads our popular blog, don’t be afraid to comment and let us know. Also don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel!

    Until next time!!