• Being located in Downtown Richmond definitely has its advantages. Aside from the amazing photo opportunity spots inside of our venue and right outside our front doors, there are countless spots a block or two away from us that will also make for beautiful photos on your special day! 

    The streets of Richmond

    You’d never guess that a random ally way or side street could end up being a backdrop for some beautiful pictures, now would you! Here are a few of our favorites from couples we’ve had here at The Renaissance! P.S. If you’re feeling spontaneous, you can spin in the middle of the street like one of our brides did!


    A neat thing about being downtown is that there are so many different storefronts that can add unique flares to your pictures. Some of our favorite places for these kinds of pictures are Metro Sound & Music, Bar Solita, The Jefferson Hotel and outside of The Quirk Hotel! 

    The Quirk Hotel

    Speaking of The Quirk, you can also schedule an appointment to take pictures on their beautiful rooftop which overlooks the city. If you choose The Quirk as a photo spot, make sure to take advantage of their terrace on the first floor too!

    Richmond is such an amazing city, it’s mind blowing how many different spots for photos there are! If you’re thinking of having your special day somewhere in Richmond, make sure to take advantage of some of the spots we’ve mentioned, and more! The opportunities are endless.

    A special thank you to all of the photographer who provided us with these photos! (IYQ Photography, Thirty Three Photography, Kait Winston Photography, K. Smithson Photography, Jeffrey Ocampo, Mike Topham Photography, Kate Styles Photography)

    Emily Loxtercamp is a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations, she is currently working at The Renaissance and specializes in Social Media, Marketing and Events. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive weddings, event, and banquet venue.