• “Let’s take a picture!” How many times have you been at an event and heard someone say that? And how many of those times do the pictures turn out disappointing? Did you have to search for someone to take the photo, or did you settle for a good ole’ selfie with half of your face cut out? Did you make sure your thumb was out of the way? Oops,”let’s take another one!” Imagine if you had a photo booth at your disposal to take as many pictures as you wanted, without any of the hassle, but with all the fun! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

    photo booth props smile say cheese picture photo customize

    Photographed by: Josh Boone

    Photo booths have been around for quite some time, but they have recently picked up in demand. They can be utilized in an array of ways, but all equally as fun. Most photo booths offer personalized photo strips and personalized props, which can add a nice touch to your event. The printed pictures are great party favors for your guests to take home to memorialize the day. At The Renaissance, our photo booth can be built into your wedding package so that you pay a one time fee, allowing your guests to use it at no cost to them.

    You’ll notice that your guests may behave differently knowing that no one is behind the camera taking their picture. They can be more playful and have better control of how they want to pose. This allows them to be more creative and act more freely. Usually, this type of atmosphere will lead to more candid photos, and who doesn’t want that? Kids especially love photo booths. They don’t have their parents telling them how to pose or smile, and they can be as silly as they want to be. Pro tip, this can keep the kids busy for hours.

    photo booth strip just married camera prop party favor

    Photographed by: Vy Barto

    At the end of the day, we can also provide an online gallery for you and your guests to see all the pictures that were taken during your event. This is really neat because our couples get to see all of the behind the scenes fun that they may have otherwise missed while participating in the other wedding festivities. Another fun idea would be to have a photo book set up next to the photo booth for your guests to put their pictures in. Next to their pictures, they could offer words of advice, some marriage wisdom, or even a recap of their favorite memory you guys have shared together. These type of details can make all the difference in how your big day turns out, and how your guests remember it.

    Not only can photo booths create lots of fun memories for you and your guests, but they can really elevate your event, taking it to the next level. Pictures last a lifetime, and what better way to take them than in a fun and creative environment.

    kids party wedding photo booth props smile silly fun amusing busy

    Photographed by: Vy Barto