• Having a wedding during the pandemic has been a very tough thing to do, but living in such a creative world, new ideas have blossomed from this uncertain time we’re living in right now. At the beginning of the pandemic, the term “Micro Wedding” became popular, although it had already been a thing. Since then, many different wedding variations have also come into the wedding scene!

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    We’d like to shoutout our friends, Renee and Mark, over at TeamWedding for informing us of these new terms! If you’re interested in learning more, make sure to check out their blog about these new terms and to watch their YouTube video with even more helpful and interesting info!

    Micro Wedding

    Let’s start with the basics. What is a micro wedding? This is an intimate gathering of about 30 guests or less. Micro weddings include traditional wedding elements, however they only last about two hours or less. These kinds of weddings allow couples to still have their ceremony and reception, just in a more condensed fashion. Micro weddings have always been around, but became a popular option for couples to lean on during the pandemic.


    A minimony, otherwise known as a mini ceremony, is very similar to a micro wedding. Typically, 50 or less guests will be in attendance. A minimony is a great option when it comes to a couple wanting to keep their original wedding date. The couple can tie the knot on this day and have their actual celebration and reception on a later date in the future. Having a minimony is a great alternative to a traditional wedding especially when there are government mandated rules and headcounts.


    An elopement wedding is always a fun option, especially in times right now where things are always changing. Elopements are extremely similar to destination weddings. These usually happen spontaneously and may be done in secret, locally or at another destination.

    Shift Wedding

    A shift wedding is when there are two or more different shifts in which your guests will be attending your ceremony and or reception at. For example: a portion of your guests will attend the first half of your reception and the rest will attend the last half, meaning your guests will be attending your wedding in shifts.

    Multi Wedding

    Multi weddings are very similar to shift weddings, but instead of everything happening in one day, there are multiple days. Different groups of guests will be invited to different events throughout the weekend such as: the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, after party and even the day after brunch.