• When you think of your wedding, what do you desire most? If it’s romance, we’ve got you covered. The Renaissance has so many attributes that create the utmost romantic atmosphere for your special day.
    Whether it’s our floor to ceiling windows, our sparkling chandeliers, the draping lights all throughout, or
    the reflecting floors, you’ll be surrounded by romance at every turn.

    Photographed By: Bri and Wes Photography

    Have you ever walked into a room with floor to ceiling windows? If you have, you know how incredible
    they can be. It brightens up a room, creates an awing affect, all while making you feel like you’ve
    stepped into a fairytale. The windows at The Renaissance fall nothing short of that. Additionally, the
    drapes covering our windows gracefully hang, adding an even more romantic feel to them.

    floor to ceiling windows romance event venue
    Photographed By: Kellyman Photography / Xiaoqili Photography

    You’ve heard us talk about our chandeliers so you know how obsessed we are with them. The way they
    sparkle as soon as you enter the room, and at any angle, still blows us away every time we walk in. If you
    can catch it in the right light, you’ll see the reflection of the couples’ rings sparkle in the chandelier.
    In addition to our dazzling chandeliers, we have lights draped across our entire ballroom. The way they
    flow right above the ceremony, offering just enough light to see every detail, but also not too much to
    take away from the vibe, is such an incredible sight to see. There is something so romantic about looking
    up to twinkling lights above you, emphasizing what lies below.

    chandelier sparkling dazzle romance
    Photographed By: Remy Photos / Strawberry Street Photography
    chandelier sparkle dazzle romance lights

    Finally, our floors take all of the details previously mentioned and mirror them back up to you. Whether
    it be the floor to ceiling windows, the sparkling chandeliers, or the twinkling lights, our floors will reflect
    them all to enhance the romantic feel. This way, it doesn’t matter where you’re looking, you’ll be
    soaking in all of the elegance and romance that your special event is giving off.

    reflection reflecting floors roses romance aisle
    Photographed By: Jeffrey Ocampo Photography

    Are you looking for a night of romance? One that both you and your guests will never forget? Come see
    us at The Renaissance and we’ll create something you’ve only seen in movies. Don’t let your imagination
    and fantasies stop there, you CAN have the the romantic wedding you desire, we’ve already got you