• Your wedding reception is the perfect opportunity to show your guests what kind of couple you and your new spouse are. Whether you want to stick to having a big dance floor, do a bouquet toss, or incorporate fun games into your special day, there are so many options to show your guests how you two, as a couple, like to have fun! Today we’re going to focus on what kind of wedding reception games would be loads of fun to think about having at your reception. 

    The Shoe Game: This game is a great way to let guests get to know the newlyweds even better! For this game, the couple will be seated back-to-back facing away from each other. Usually, either the DJ or a member of the wedding party will read off questions such as…

    • Who’s crankier in the morning?
    • Who said “I love you” first?
    • Who’s the better dancer?

    Silly, but fun questions that are sure to make you and your guests laugh a little bit! This is definitely a classic that we see at plenty of weddings, you can’t go wrong with this game!

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    Outdoor games: If your reception is outdoors, classic games that will be sure to entertain your guests would be cornhole and ladder golf. You can also put a twist on some other games by making them lifesize! Giant versions of checkers, connect four, or jenga are really popular examples.

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    Table Games: Simple, but still fun (of course!) options to consider during your reception are table games. This can be anything such as custom word search or crossword puzzle all about you and your lover placed at each table. Not simple enough? How about having a separate table full of board games that guests can bring to their table to play after dinner? 

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    Don’t be afraid to have fun with adding little surprises and delights for you and your guests to make your big day even more memorable. Having some sort of game option will be sure to bring a smile and lots of laughter to your reception!