• Most of us have been to a wedding with a guest book. It’s a great way for the newly weds to look back on their day and remember all of their loved ones that were there to celebrate them. Sometimes people just sign their names, and sometimes they write short notes of memories they’ve experienced together, advice they have to give, or simply blessings they wish to share. Lately, however, we have seen people become more creative with their guest books and have taken it to a whole other level. Let’s get into some of our favorite ones.

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    The first one is great for couples that want to use their guest “book” as an everyday reminder of their special day. If you have all of your guests sign something decorative, like this globe, that can be displayed in your house, you can be reminded of those fond memories just by passing by it each day.

    guestbook guest book prompts writing best wishes memories wedding

    If you still like the idea of the traditional guest book, you could doctor up the idea and make it more creative and unique. With this example, the couple offered prompts for their guests to choose from. Once they filled out one of the prompts, they taped it into a book. Yes, it was still in book form, but it was a bit more creative by using unique prompts and ideas for the guests to write about. This will deter guests from simply writing their name, and instead, leaving a more thoughtful message behind.

    games jingo puzzle fun memories wedding game night

    Who doesn’t love a good game? Or how about hosting a game night? You know what could make game night even better? A customized game with all of your loved ones thoughts and best wishes written on it. Everyone knows the popular game Jenga, but what about having your guests each sign a Jenga piece with their advice or best wishes. Years down the road when you want to play a game, this will be a great way to reminisce on your special day, all while having fun. Similarly, having your guests write their message on a puzzle piece will be a great way to keep those memories alive, years down the road.

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    Finally, our favorite idea that we have come across is with a recorded message. There are companies that specialize in allowing a couples guests to pick up a phone, usually one that is provided, leaving their message with their best wishes, and then hanging up for the next guest to use. These messages are individually saved until the end of the event. Afterwards, these companies take each of the individual messages, combine them into one recording, and can put it on CD’s, tapes, and even vinyl records. We love this idea because there is something so special about being able to hear the voice of your guests years after your event. Even with life’s uncertainties, with a recording like this, you’ll always have your loved ones voices at your disposal.

    Have you seen any cool “guest book” ideas? Let us know! We love hearing about all the creative activities our clients have in mind.