• Creating a seating chart for your wedding reception is quite a task, but planning what kind of head table you’re going to have and who’s going to sit at it is an even bigger task! Not sure what to do for your big day when it comes to this? We’ve got you covered! We’re going to talk about a few different options you have to choose from for your reception.

    Sweetheart Table: A sweetheart is a classic and intimate option to have at your reception. This kind of table includes only the happily married couple. This makes for a simple solution when deciding who you would include at a larger head table, and also gives you and your lover some alone time to enjoy your first meal together as a married couple!

    Photos by: Orrie Gaines Photography, Paige Ryan Photography & Sydney Morman Photography

    Head Table: A traditional head table is where the newly married couple and their wedding party all sit on one side of a long, rectangular table. The couple in the middle, and the members of their own wedding parties on either side of them. If the venue you choose for your reception has a stage or any sort of platform, like we have in our ballroom, this will make for great pictures and a great view for everyone at the head table.

    Photos by: Paige Ryan Photography, Chelsie Daring Photography & Orrie Gaines Photography

    Kings Table: A king’s table is a much more modern take on a traditional head table. It’s also a very popular option! This table style features seating on both sides of the table. The people at this table are the married couple and their wedding party, their wedding party and their plus ones, or their immediate family. If the happy couple wants to sit next to each other, throw a smaller rectangular table on the end, it’s that easy. This table also makes conversation throughout the guests seated here easier which is a plus!

    Photos by: Orrie Gaines Photography, and James & Alicia Photography

    Captains Table: To put it simply, a captains table is basically a larger and wider kings table. Instead of a singular long table, there are two put together so the married couple can sit together at the end of the table , rather than across from each other or without adding an additional table. The guests seated at this table can be taken in the same approach as if you chose to do a kings table. The only additional perk to this table is there’s more room for centerpieces or anything else you’d want to put on the table!

    Photos by: Bri & Wes Photography

    Determining what type of head table you’re going to have at your reception is such a fun choice to make. Obviously, there are SO many different options choose from, but whatever you choose will look stunning no matter what!