• What could be better than everything at your wedding going perfectly? Well that’s a silly question, because who wouldn’t want to get published? 

    When you book with us here at The Renaissance, you already have the opportunity to get published! We can proudly say that it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll be submitted for publication after your special day! What other venue can say that? *hair flip*

    Now before you get too excited, there’s one very important person who we need to get on board before we submit your wedding- however, they would be silly to say no. Your photographer is crucial when it comes to possibly having your wedding published. This is because they’re the ones that have all of the incredible pictures from your day. Once you get permission to use the photos and once the photo gallery is done, we can move on to the last step!

    SUBMISSION! That’s right, after your photographer gives you the green light, we can go ahead and press the submit button!

    Here at The Renaissance we’ve been published on quite a few websites, such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Reader’s Digest, InStyle, The Today Show, She Finds, Richmond Weddings, Richmond Bride and more that you can find in the “Press” section on our website. 

    We’re also so lucky to work closely with OFD Consulting when it comes to submitting weddings. Meghan Ely from OFD Consulting was kind enough to sit down with us and tell us all of the tips you need to know on how to successfully get your wedding published! Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel to see part one and part two of our interview with Meghan!  

    If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing yourself on a major wedding website, booking with the Renaissance means that you’re already halfway there! Make sure to visit our “Contact” page or give us a call at 804-649-3373 today to get started on planning your big day!

    Emily Loxtercamp is a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations, she is currently working at The Renaissance and specializes in Social Media, Marketing and Events. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive weddings, event, and banquet venue.