• Today we are talking about our favorite topic; FOOD! A good meal can bring your event to the next level, especially if it is a memorable dish. We often associate our memories with our senses, so if you’ve tasted, smelled, or even looked at a beautifully plated dish, you are more likely to remember where and when you experienced that meal. If you offer your guests undeniably delicious food, whether it be appetizers, a buffet style meal, a plated meal, desserts, etc., they will be more inclined to remember your special day. But how do you choose what food to serve your guests? No one wants to eat a hot soup in the dead of summer, nor do they want to eat a bowl of ice cream in the dead of winter. The season of your event could significantly impact what foods you choose to serve your guests. So, we ask you, does food have a season?

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    Photographed By: Remy Photos and Vy Barto

    Of course, there are different foods that are more ripe in certain seasons, but that is not what we are discussing today. Instead, we want to get into what types of food should be served at your events relating to the season it is taking place during. The weather, the temperature, and even the holidays of that season could play a role in what types of food you serve at your event. As mentioned before, if your event is in the middle of July in Richmond, Virginia, for example, we can guarantee your guests wouldn’t appreciate a hot chocolate bar at the dessert table. Instead, a classic cake or even an ice cream bar could be a great idea to keep your guests cool during those hotter months. Similarly, we can also guarantee your guests wouldn’t want a cold appetizer such as a pasta salad or Gazpacho at a January event. A hot soup, however, could be a great idea for an appetizer to warm up your guests on those cold winter evenings.

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    If your event is during the winter months, especially around Christmas time, for example, many of our couples have incorporated festive foods into their events. Candy canes, red and green cupcakes, and hot chocolate are all great ways to compliment that time of year. If your event is during the summer time around July 4th, for example, those pasta salads, fresh fish dishes, or caprese salad would be great ideas for that time of year.

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    Food is a necessity as human beings, but it can be so much more than that if you allow it to be. It can really heighten your senses and create everlasting memories. Pairing your food choices, specifically for events, with the time of year, whether that be with the temperature, weather or holidays, it can memorialize your event by tying it to that specific season. So, to answer our original question, yes, we do believe that food has a season and that each meal should be well thought out. Let us know your thoughts and ideas on what dishes could be served in each season!