• With a new year comes new wedding trends, and we can’t wait to see the different ways these trends are used in weddings all around the world, and especially at our venue throughout this year.

    There are so many different resources out there to find out what these 2021 trends look like, but we wanted to take a moment to contribute by highlighting some of our favorite trends to look out for!

    1. Pantone Color of the Year

    Believe it or not, the Pantone color of the year actually plays a huge role in setting the tone for events throughout the year. This years color is…*drum roll*…not one but TWO colors! We have a bright,”Illuminating” yellow and “Ultimate Gray” – which happens to be the first neutral color Pantone has declared as a color of the year! Use either of these colors as inspiration to decide on your wedding color scheme, or you can even use these colors as accent colors!

    Credit: Pantone Color Institute

    2. Welcome Boxes

    Many of the trends we’re going to talk about today we can thank the pandemic for, including this one – welcome boxes! This is a predicted trend because in 2021 we will be seeing more intimate weddings rather than large, extravagant weddings. Having a smaller wedding will allow you to focus on your guests a little more, and welcome boxes will be sure to elevate your guests experience at your wedding. These will include essentials such as personal hand sanitizers, masks, programs and handouts, as well as any wedding favors! Welcome boxes are very similar to welcome goodie bags, but will allow your guests to feel safer and welcomed in a warmer manner.

    Photos from Pinterest

    3. Quality over Quantity

    We touched on this in our second point – smaller weddings will be very popular this year. Even with the vaccine coming out, a large wedding can be a scary thought for anyone. Just because your wedding isn’t going to be as extravagant as you had planned, doesn’t mean that it won’t be as special and memorable though! Having an intimate wedding will allow you and your guests to interact more, and it’ll also allow you to spend some extra money on any decorations or details that didn’t fit in your budget before. Your guests are sure to appreciate your hard work and dedication to a safe and meaningful celebration during these times of uncertainty, and remember, you could always host an anniversary party the next year when bigger parties will be likely happening again.

    Photos from Pinterest

    4. Sustainability

    Sustainability was actually a predicted trend for 2020, but because so many events were put on hold last year, the trend has carried over, and is predicted to be a trend for awhile! With this trend we can expect to see the support of small, locally owned businesses (which we love!!), clients hiring vendors who share the same values as them, caterers using eco-friendly and compostable dining ware, and a lot of outdoor settings that feature greenery galore!

    Photos from Pinterest

    5. Mini Foods

    Who doesn’t love anything that’s bite-sized?! The mini foods trend allows for guests to safely enjoy anything from hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour to dessert! Have you ever thought about mini french fry platters? How about grilled cheese and tomato soup sliders? We can proudly say that even before the pandemic our amazing chef, Chef Jon, got creative and was able to make those two exact mini appetizers and guests loved them! We can’t forget about dessert though, what do you think about mini cakes? There’s so much room for being unique when approaching this new trend, so make sure to have fun with it! After all, mini food is not only delicious, it’s super cute too!

    Photos from Pinterest

    The pandemic has brought on many challenges, but nothing that we can’t adapt to and grow from! And remember, these are only a few of our favorite trends out of the many that we’ll be seeing this year!