• There are so many things that go into finding the PERFECT wedding dress for your special day. When I was little, seeing brides in movies, tv shows or even in magazines got me so excited and always led me to wonder what dress I would end up wearing on my special day when the time comes. 

    In a perfect world, without a doubt I would be seen walking down the aisle in a custom made Vera Wang…a girl can dream! Although I’m nowhere close to getting married right now, after all I’m only a senior in college, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Tiffany’s Bridal Shop. I got to experience what a bride gets to go through when picking out her dream dress for her special day.

    During our visit, Tommy, Leila and I learned so much about Sharon’s lovely shop which not to mention, has over 500 dresses to choose from. I thought I had an idea of what I would want my ideal dress to look like, but Sharon clearly knows what she’s doing because she picked out a dress for me that I probably never would’ve thought about trying on, and I absolutely loved it.

    Going to a bridal shop, picking out a dress, having it fitted and seeing yourself in the dress is a very memorable and special moment. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not even getting married and the whole experience had me tearing up a bit. So imagine what it’s like if you actually are in the process of planning your big day!

    Photos by Thirty Three Photography, Kelly Dier Photography and Luke Mazurek Photography

    In a shop like Tiffany’s, the options are endless and really get you thinking. From ball gowns and A-lines to mermaid styles and more, that’s just one simple detail to think about. You also have to factor in the material, are you more of a tule girl, or would you prefer satin? What about rhinestones? Maybe some lace? Don’t forget to think about whether you want to bustle your dress, or change into a different dress for your reception too!

    Photos by Paige Ryan Photography and Lindsay Fox Photography

    A wedding dress reflects both the personality and the style of a bride. When picking out a dress, make sure that whichever one you decide on makes you feel confident and beautiful.

    Emily Loxtercamp is a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations, she is currently working at The Renaissance and specializes in Social Media, Marketing and Events. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive weddings, event, and banquet venue.