• On April 20th, we were so lucky to have Renee and Brock tie the knot with us, here at The Renaissance. We knew the spark between them was too special to not show off, so we decided to reach back out to them and reminisce on some of their memories together, as well as their plans for the future as newlyweds and they were so kind to provide us with some amazing answers.

    Photos by Lindsay Fox Photography

    Some of our favorite stories to hear about a couple is how they met. Living in a small town, Renee knew everyone, so when Brock came to her school, he caught her attention quickly. I guess you could say it was love at first sight! Nothing is cuter than a story about highschool sweethearts!

    “Brock and I met in high school while we were both in 11th grade as juniors. We were both 17 and I had grown up in New Kent so I knew basically my entire class, while Brock had moved from state to state and came to New Kent in 10th grade. I met him during lunch one day (a friend of mine was good friends with him) and so we sat at his lunch table with a few of his other friends. I think we both knew off the bat that we were mutually interested in one another. We stood in the cafeteria line together and kind of clicked from there”

    Brock stole Renee’s heart right away, instead of a first date that stood out, every moment from the first time Brock and Renee met were just as memorable.

    “Our first date I can’t recall, but I do know that after a while of having school lunch together, Brock would offer to drive me home since I didn’t have a car. It kind of became an everyday thing and I knew he liked me and I him, since the drive to my house was an hour from his parents house. He would hold my hand in the school halls and on the drive to my house. All that lasted just a couple of weeks and then eventually he asked me to Junior Prom and that was it.”

    We asked Brock and Renee what their favorite memory from their wedding day was, and they touched on two of our favorite and most important things when it comes to a wedding, food and love!

    Renee answered saying “Well my favorite memory from our wedding day was eating the delicious food! I waited all day for that cesar salad and mashed potatoes with beef mmmm” and Brock said “Seeing Renee walk down the aisle was breathtaking. Best part of my day.”

    Photos by Lindsay Fox Photography

    We’re confident in saying that there’s a lot to love when it comes to having your big day here at The Renaissance. When we asked Brock and Renee what their favorite part of sharing their special day with us at The Renaissance, they answered perfectly!

    “My favorite memory of the Renaissance was seeing my table setting for the first time with the chandeliers and candles being lit…truly magical and exceeded my expectations. It really felt like a dream. My theme really came to life with the decor of the Renaissance.”

    Brock & Renee's Ballroom Wedding
    Photos by Lindsay Fox Photography

    Although the wedding reception is always a super fun time, we can’t forget about honeymoons! Brock and Renee decided to get some sun as well as revisit the place where Brock popped the question that led them to being each other’s fiance’s for a year.

    “We honeymooned in Turks and Caicos (where Brock asked me to marry him a year prior) and we actually spent it with his family. It was a blast. We stayed at Beaches Resort and enjoyed great food, music and the boat tour to iguana island.” 

    Speaking of engagements, when we asked how Brock proposed, Renee gave us quite the story and we just couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

    “I had a panic attack right when we were going through airport security (airplanes! Ahhhh) but Brock didn’t notice because he was busy trying to hide the engagement ring in his bag! He had given it to his mom for safekeeping. I eventually calmed down and drank a whole water bottle. Also, we took family photos on the beach at sunset with Brock kneeling right in front of me and the entire time he had the ring in his pocket. Never asked me during any of the perfect shots. I kept waiting for something big to happen especially when they made him hold my hand while on one knee, the perfect pose for proposing marriage. Nope. Just taking photos. He eventually asked later that night though. So all was perfect then.”

    Brock & Renee's Ballroom Wedding
    Photos by Lindsay Fox Photography

    Engagement? Check! Wedding? Check! Honeymoon? Check! Kids?……We asked Brock and Renee what they were looking forward to most as newly weds, and they shared some really exciting news with us! Here’s a hint…it starts with a “B” and ends with “aby”…..

    “We’re most looking forward to raising our baby girl together. We found out a few weeks before the wedding so that was a surprise. A wonderful surprise though.”

    An engaged couple can never be given too much advice before their big day arrives. Brock and Renee gave us a solid yet special piece of advice that we think would be beneficial for any couple to hear before their wedding!

    “Advice for couples would be to really take the moments happening on your wedding day and enjoy them, don’t take things seriously and loosen up! I was so nervous I was shaking and so busy the entire day I couldn’t enjoy any of it. Go with the flow of the day and really look at all your loved ones to remember this day forever.”

    Photos by Lindsay Fox Photography

    Thanks so much to Brock and Renee for answering a few questions and for choosing to spend your special day with us! We wish you the best as newly weds and future parents!

    Thanks to Lindsay Fox Photography for providing us with these amazing photos! Check out her Instagram and Facebook page!

    Emily Loxtercamp is a senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations, she is currently working at The Renaissance and specializes in Social Media, Marketing and Events. The Renaissance is an all-inclusive weddings, event, and banquet venue.