The Roosevelt Ballroom

Felix‬ Bueno Photography , Flowers by Mona Ray

Felix‬ Bueno Photography, The Roosevelt Ballroom, Flowers by Mona Ray

This magnificent room is The Renaissance’s largest event space, featuring a 30 foot ceiling, three glorious chandeliers, an ample stage, floor to ceiling arched windows, and a spacious balcony. 

Imagine dancing on its original hardwood floors. Whether you are interested in hosting a stand up reception (up to 500) or a seated affair ( up to 250), the Roosevelt Ballroom will be long remembered by you and your guests.

The Grand Foyer

As you walk through this spacious entrance area, you will experience the grandeur of days gone by. 

Sky and cloud hand painted ceilings, murals, oil paintings and tall crown molding all provide a stunning first impression for your guests, and a hint of the elegance in store for your special occasion.


The Adams Room

Adams Room

This setup faces East and lends a wonderfly spacious setup for 80 , speaker, Ceremony or book readings are just a few that come to mind

Adams Room Ceremony

Our Beautiful Adams Room in Cream, this setup accomodates guests to 150.

Adams Violine

The Adams Room is one of the major public rooms located on the second floor along with the Grand foyer. 

The Grand Lodge Room served as the office of the Grand Secretary of the Masonic Temple from 1890 until 1972. 

The room also served as the private reception room for President Roosevelt during his visit to Richmond, in 1905. A public ball held in the Grand Lodge Room ( The Roosevelt Ballroom ) followed the private reception for the President. Today the room remains much as it did at the turn of the twentieth-century. The wall accents, carpet and decor reflects the grandeur of the time and the room remains spacious and well lighted as intended by architects in 1888, making the Adams room ideal for conferences, small receptions, even wedding  ceremonies of up to 150 guests.