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Friday Night Jazz

October 27, 2017No Comments

Live Jazz tonight at at The Renaissance on a crisp  fall evening…. ahhhh.  The beautiful sounds from. Lindsey Webster!!!

TBT post

August 24, 2017No Comments

Our friends over at Richmond Weddings compiled a nugget on us in August of 2015. We are still blushing..

Company Break

July 16, 2017No Comments

We can’t thank you all for an incredible spring / early summer season  and all of the great couples we met at today’s Richmond Weddings Bridal Expo held at the Altria Theater. We will be on a Corporate break to recharge and refresh our managers and wonderful co-workers. and will…

Beautiful Day for Ashley and Brian

June 19, 2017No Comments

Saturday had a magical evening with this couple!  Take a peek at the dress fitted to the T!   

New Concerts – This Saturday April 15th !

April 9, 2017No Comments

Did you know historically The Renaissance was known over the years a “The” place for live performances?   The Renaissance Is pleased to announce the following concert through JS Affairs. Tickets are available through “” 

Lane Rehearsal Dinner

February 25, 2017No Comments

We had the pleasure of hosting the Lane Rehearsal dinner and party last night at The Renaissance! Super fun group that Liz and Kristi assembled!   44 for a plated meal and another 50 afterwards to round out a night of fun including great libations from Travis and Kelly on…

Monday , January 30th, 2017

Just a reminder our offices are closed today.   We will be back o the office Tuesday morning for all of your questions and followup conversations.

The Wedding Experience today!

January 29, 2017No Comments

Don’t forget to come by our booth today, we would love to meet you and start your perfect day!   

Newly Engaged?

We can’t wait to see all the newly engaged folks and meet you!     Come see us this Sunday at The Richmond Convention Center  

This Just in!

January 10, 2017No Comments

What a great way to start the year!  We can’t thank our guests enough!  #ItsWhatWeDo #RVAWedding #Renaissance_RVA