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How much is the facility rental at The Renaissance?

Room rental costs are dependent upon the day of the week and the time of the day for which you are inquiring. Since we also have different rooms that can be rented for specific size needs, the rental fee can vary accordingly.  Saturdays are normally a premium day to book so keep in mind that beautiful Friday evening reception may save you enough to upgrade your getaway plans. It is best to call and inquire with us in person…we are happy to help.

How many guests will The Renaissance hold for my wedding reception/corporate event/etc.?

We can easily accommodate a small & large groups in different sit down and stand up configurations. Depending on your needs for the event, we can suggest the best use of our facilities. Typically we can house groups ranging from 10 to over 500!  Our Roosevelt Ballroom is used several times a season for casual concerts and seats 425 in a theater fashion before we add the balcony seating

Will you allow outside catering for my event?

We have our own full service food & beverage here on the premises and use them for our functions. We can cater anything from box lunches to elaborate dinners with beverage service. Please tell us your thought’s as there are times when outside catering is allowed.

What services do you provide on site?

We like to think of ourselves as providers of a “package deal” experience.

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, company or award dinners, etc.

We can help you pull it all together to save you time and headaches and we include an on site planner. We provide catering and beverage service, staffing, tables and chairs, ample parking and security, and much more.

Ask about our NEW Photo Booth!!  Its a great party favor and super affordable!

Do you have room for my band or DJ?

We have the great advantage of housing a permanent stage in the Roosevelt Ballroom. We can effortlessly accommodate all set up requirements and have an auxiliary power supply available if needed.