• Setting Up a Room

    15 Oct 2019
    Setting Up a Room

    Setting up a room for a wedding is quite the process. But, it’s all worth it in the end of course. Completing each stage when setting up makes a room go from nothing, to absolutely everything. Each stage brings something new to the room; think of it as putting a puzzle together. You start with [...]

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    Wedding Planners & Coordinators = The Key to a Successful Day!

    Most often, people feel either one of two ways going into the early planning stages of a large event or wedding. You could be either very intimidated and overwhelmed with the process, or completely confident in your planning abilities and the decisions you’ll have to make. Once you realize how [...]

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    “I’m Gonna Swing From The Chandelier, From The Chandelier…”

    Yes, we’re stealing a line from Sia’s song, but when you have three of the most beautiful chandeliers in the world, we feel it’s appropriate to refer back to an incredibly popular song cause ya know, everyone knows it!   If you’ve ever been in our ballroom, you would agree that the [...]

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    Photo Ops You'd Never Think About

    Being located in Downtown Richmond definitely has its advantages. Aside from the amazing photo opportunity spots inside of our venue and right outside our front doors, there are countless spots a block or two away from us that will also make for beautiful photos on your special day!  The [...]

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    Paige and Kurt's Richmond Wedding

    Back in February, we were so lucky to have Paige and Kurt spend their special day with us! Their day is one we will always remember, so we decided to put them in the spotlight one more time. Paige and Curt were so generous to answer some questions for us about their love story, and they were even [...]

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    The &quote;Pulse&quote; is Strong at The Renaissance

    When GRTC started constructing the Pulse stations in the Summer of 2016 we did not know what to expect. The Beautiful Station that is now across from our front door was not what it started out as in the beginning. But The Renaissance and everyone in our Arts District Neighborhood was patient and [...]

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    Brock & Renee's Ballroom Wedding

    On April 20th, we were so lucky to have Renee and Brock tie the knot with us, here at The Renaissance. We knew the spark between them was too special to not show off, so we decided to reach back out to them and reminisce on some of their memories together, as well as their plans for the future as [...]

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    The PAWfect Wedding!

    Family, friends, the perfect dress, the perfect tux, beautiful centerpieces, breathtaking uplighting, an awesome DJ or a band and more are essential to making your wedding day unforgettable. But...there is one more thing you can do that’ll be sure to make a statement on your special day, have you [...]

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    Dessert Alternative Blog

    Cakes: Let’s face it, Cake is a Big Deal!!! And while it’s the most traditional choice, there are so many ways to get creative with it. A few ways to add some flare to your cake are by using customized toppers, cake lace, stencils, and other decorations! One of the great things about adding [...]

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    A Grand Tour of The Renaissance!

    Everywhere you go has certain aspects of it that makes it memorable or unique. In addition to the timeless charm that The Renaissance brings, there are five major rooms that really make The Renaissance what it is. The Grand Foyer, The Adams Room, The Roosevelt Ballroom, The Private Suite and The [...]

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